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Sometime ago I realised there was more to life, that I had choices.  A choice to find my true path, what made me feel alive; or the choice to keep my life just rolling by, feeling numb, feeling something not right or questioning myself  "why does this keep happening to me?".


The choice was to find my true path, what made my heart sing. I'll be honest, it's been a journey but I wouldn't have it any other way. For years I just existed, I became everything to everyone except myself. I had made myself numb because I didn't believe I was worthy of existing.  With constant support from God/universal support, my husband, my son, my daughter and my inner guidance, I have dedicated my time and energy to self-discovery and have enjoyed studying and qualifying in alternative therapies. Particularly Feng Shui, Life Alignment and energy healing because each of these modalities assists a person to truly connect to their inner balance.


I have always been particularly drawn to alternative therapies and balancing of my environment. Helping people, be it family, friends and in my different careers has always been part of me . I often find myself in the position of ‘listening ear’ and value the opportunity of helping others.


My role as a healer is to guide you, being a conduit, working with your higher self to clear and release any blockages, find that clarity to living that balanced life. Providing holistic direction for your life, be it in your body, home or workplace. We are like onions, we have many layers.  With each session, we move at different angles, seeing the story in new truth and with each balance we evolve. 

My passion is equality, balance and wholeness. I feel when there is an imbalance in the home/building or in the people around me.  Being empathic and trusting my intuition has helped me to grow in my own journey and in helping others to seeing their truth and worthiness. 

Blessings on your journey, together we can find that inner peace.

Filomena x


I'm Filomena