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Feng Shui seeks balance by looking at you and how the energy flows through your environment ie your room, your home etc. When you make the changes and clear the blockages, you allow balance and harmony to flow.  You create balance in your environment and can create balance in your body. Your body is your home. Imagine your body having the essence of life force that flows.

With holistic direction create that Feng Shui flow in your body with a session unique to you.  Working with you being supported in a safe space, clearing energy blockages in your subtle bodies, which are physical, mental, emotional, spiritual bodies.  With guidance a session may involve emotional processing, applied kinesiology, hands on energy healing, crystals, sound healing, essential oils and essences.  Supporting the holistic direction to create clarity, reconnection to self, inner peace and to feel lighter in your body and mind.

Please allow up to 3 hrs for your session and drink water prior to session.

Also sessions available on Skype/Messenger.


$200.00 AUD

To make a booking, click Buy Now, make payment in advance and within 24 hours Filomena will be in touch to organise appointment. No refunds.

Feng Shui Flow for your body

Emotional First Aid with Life Alignment

Working on a cellular level, deep healing focuses on the root cause.  Guiding you through the 'story', using energy balancing techniques, applied kinesiology and vortex magnetic cards to release energy blockages, toxins, negative feelings and to receive healing energy. Balancing the body, mind and spirit to live fully in the presence and in the process to discover our purpose in life.

Please allow up to 3 hrs for your session and drink water prior to session.

Also sessions available on Skype/Messenger.


To make a booking, click Buy Now, make payment in advance and within 24 hours Filomena will be in touch to organise appointment. No refunds.

$200.00 AUD

Home or Workplace Energy Alignment

Using a holistic approach, clearing and balancing the energy blockages in your home or workplace along with the people residing or working on the premises including all your family pets with your floor plan.  Your home or your workplace is like a body, it stores memories and holds onto the energy of every person who has occupied the premises. Working with a floor plan of the premises, blockages which may come from possible negative family patterns, the layout, geopathic or technology are identified and cleared by a process of balancing using Life Alignment, along with magnetic Vortex cards.  Working with the specific energetic aspects at the current time to create a balanced, peaceful and harmonious environment.

A home or workplace energy alignment can be conducted on the premises or remotely.

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Home or Workplace Feng Shui Report

A famous definition of Feng Shui is an Ancient Chinese Art of Placement, to create balance and harmony within our surroundings. Feng Shui means Wind and Water.  Wind is the breath of life and Water is the liquid of life. The energy that is moving and flowing around you, including your surroundings.

Feng Shui is not a religion and it does not contradict any religious or cultural beliefs. Homes, workplaces, other dwellings and gardens can benefit from Feng Shui.

There are many schools of Feng Shui, including:

Flying Stars also known as Lo Shu, is similar to a Horoscope Chart for the building or home. The Flying Stars will inform you of what is occurring in the building. There are positive and negative Flying Stars that influence the energies of the building or home which will then have an effect on who resides or works in the building.

Form School is the most common school of Feng Shui. This is about visual items that are placed or removed within our surroundings to improve harmony.

Bagua School also known as Pa Kua School is about zoning into specific sections and improving the aspect they represent e.g. wealth sector, health sector.

8 Mansions is based on your year of birth and helps you identify your favourable and unfavourable directions. This can be used from where to place your bed, your front door facing, placing your desk and many other ways to use them.

Business Card Analysis report will give you your most favourable areas to use and supportive colours to attract clients, wealth and resources.

How A Feng Shui Consultation Works

Each home or workplace, will receive a quote based on the amount of hours a consultation is expected to take. Factors to consider are the size of the premises and amount of people occupying or working in that space. When booking a consult, you will need to provide the following:

  • Two copies of A4 size floor plans of the building. They must be accurate plans (shire or architect), not hand drawn.

  • Date of births of each occupant.

  • A visit to the premises is required so that compass readings and observations, both internally and externally can be made. The consultation will take approximately two hours, with the report completed in approximately two weeks following the consultation.

The Feng Shui services provided

  • Full written reports

  • Mapped Charts of Floorplans

  • On-Site Consultations

  • Products and Cures

Platinum Member of the Association of the Feng Shui Consultants (ASFC)

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Organisation Alignment for your Business

A unique holistic approach to balancing your business and organisation for positive change.


This method identifies and clears blockages, negative conscious & unconscious patterns and beliefs within the business structure and employees. Also looking at external relationships, such as clients and suppliers etc. Creating positive and successful change in yourself and your business.


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